Amazing girl but religion is important to her...

...ugh. She's Christian and I am agnostic. I have no problem with and even respect Christian morals, values, etc. I think the idea of unconditional love and forgiveness and all that is amazing. I just don't like Christianity in a sense that it all comes down to being ruled by a king and that irks me the wrong way...well it irked her too when I told her that. I guess the moral of the story is don't be honest...lesson learned.

Wow...I had a lot more to this question than just that first paragraph but it didn't get posted. Great...well bottom line, should I have just went with it if I liked her so much? Is it OK to lie about religion to make your partner happy? Or was being honest the right thing here?


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  • Honesty is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS the best policy. But depending on the subject matter or the recipient's sensitivity level, you should also consider your delivery. Be understanding of the other person's feelings.

    As far as this girl is concerned, it sounds like a situation where you two must agree to disagree and then leave the religion topic alone. If you both can't do that, a relationship probably won't amount to anything positive.


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  • You shouldn't have to lie about being religious to make someone happy, if someone really likes you too, they will accept you for who you are. I just don't believe that people should enforce their beliefs on others.


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  • In christianity...there isn't any king ruling anyone. That statement couldn't be farther from the truth. You should always me honest. If she is smart...and a strong christian, she likely won't care to be wih you in a relationship.