What does everyone on here think of online dating?

Ive met some losers online and I just want a nice down to earth guy who I have things in common with.


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  • Use it as a method to meet people, not to get into relationships. I've had issues with online dating personally. Some guys want to hop right into bed, others want to hop right into a relationship (which is just as annoying), and then you have ones that you can't meet at all because they're glued to the screen of their computer. If you take it with a grain of salt however, watch what you're doing, and are vigilant it's worth it...sometimes.

    I can say I've met a few people that I am good friends with now.


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  • i have tried it, and now I have given up. I find the girls are just too fussy. or maybe I am saying the wrong thing. but its generally a waste of time. pulling any form of sex. is becoming almost impossible. but I want just the same thing as you lol. I have given up on the dating scene, just stayed focused on myself now. dating scene is sh*t and going down hill.

  • Online dating IS for losers. But how can I be so certain, as I've never resorted to it?

    Let's say.. I'm stereotyping now.. but each stereotype contains truth, more or less.

    The reasons why it sucks are because.. why anyone actually needs it? Why they can't go out and meet people of the opposite gender normally.. face-to-face?

    Don't say shyness - it can be perfectly overcome.

    ..another thing is it distorts the first impression, and if more you've talked online, the less you have to talk face-to-face.

    Of course you won't always have to blabber, but it IS exciting getting to know better a person you like by seeing her talking right in front of you.

    ..compared to online dating: "What's your favorite band?" "It's already written in my profile"


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  • I personally wouldn't do it. It sounds dangerous.

    Theres no guys at your school or your job that you'd like to date?

    • Nope I'm graduating college in a week and only woman at my work. it sucks.

    • Do you have friends that know guys they can hook you up with?

      I hear people meet other people at bars, or volunteering, or doing things they like to do.

  • i personally hate it but some of my friends had success so I am not anti but it is not for me. my main problem is that it is impossible to know what a person is really like based on an online profile, gives a lot of false expectations and ideas.