Online dating - anyone have any tips

I'm helping a very shy friend of mine find a partner via a few online dating websites. Has anyone got any tips for us - we're both new to this game and don't want to come across as desperate or clueless!

Thanks! :)


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  • Put some really good pics of yourself online. Three pics is good...any more than about 5...and I move on to the next girl. You wouldn't believe some of the sorry pictures women put on dating sites! Tons of blurry cell phone pics in their cars...making stupid faces...etc etc


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  • It takes a very long time to find a partner on line. Be very cautious and ask a lot of questions. Read all the tips on-line sites have in FAQs! They are very helpful.

    But there are some extraordinary people out there, even celebrities.

    This is a new and quickly expanding field.

    Opinions differ greatly on how to behave on-line. A good sign is when you find yourself quickly exchanging messages in on-line chat, if this feature is available.

  • Stay local and be cautious. Don't assume he's got the best intentions.

    Online dating is notoriously deceptive so it's imperative that you remember to apply safety first. A good guy will understand.


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  • Yep I've been doing online dating for a while and I met someone great but it took a while first I met a lot of losers. Sometimes its awkward meeting someone for the first time for a date but you will know if there is a connection. Plus make sure you get to know the guy a bit via phone and email before you agree to a date.