What are some texts that you ladies received from guys that pulled you in?

I am texting with this cutie that I have been interested in a long time and want to keep the conversation going. What are some texts you ladies received that made you a bit more interested or kept the conversation going?


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  • Say what comes from the heart.. I mean say things which are genuine. If you say anything nice to a girl they usually love it and it makes them smile :D.

    However, I've found that some things guys just say things for the sake of it and can over exaggerate. This can confuse the girl about how you actually feel about her.

    If the guys is not looking for anything long term, he shoud not keep sweet talking her. I don't think that's nice but it's your decision.

    If she is the one, you really should not have to ask other people. Just say what you want.


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  • Sometimes it's sorta weird when guys get all mushy and start overly-complimenting girls in texts . . . Just make normal conversation. Don't plan what you'll say ahead of time, just let the conversation come naturally! And whatever you do, DON'T talk about yourself unless she asks you a question.

  • just start with get to know you questions about what they do where they live or whatever and usually it just flows from there


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