How come nice girls can't find guys?

Guys complain about being friend zoned, but girls get friend zoned too! It can get frustrating to be considered as a little sister or a bro by a guy I liked. I'm also very shy, unassertive, and have pretty low-esteem, and I'm the kind of person who prefers wearing sneakers and jeans over heels and skirts any day. I've been told that I can be too nice, and it doesn't help that my superego is way up high. What can I do to get a guy to like me given my personality?


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  • The only people who think girls have it easy in finding guys, are the bitter guys who can't believe anyone in the world has it as hard as they do. The twits.

    The same rules apply to you as to them. If you're shy and unassertive and low esteem, you will make difficulties for yourself. Doesn't matter how good looking you are.

    Don't dress like a little sister. Dress provocatively. Be a sexual creature. Not slutty. But make certain that guys who see you, go "Whoa!" and not "Oh, she looks like my little sister"

    Remember, you're in competition with the girls out there who are putting themselves on display in the best possible light. Not with t*ts and flesh hanging out. But highlighting the things that they want guys to take note of. You need to do something similar.

    • I'm not really that comfortable in dressing in tight, short clothing though. What would look great without me looking like a whore?

    • That's your problem right there.

      You have a messed up view about looking like a "whore". Get over yourself.

      Girls who have sex for money, are whores.

      Girls who dress provocatively, are not.

      Your problem is now clearly identified. It's you.

    • I guess I chose the wrong word. What I'm trying to say is, I'm more used to dressing in comfortable clothing. I do shop for cute clothes, but I'm more of someone who'll dress for comfort than to look hot. Besides, dressing provocatively is different from person to person.


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  • Try online dating sites or just talk to stranger on Facebook

    Btw for the record I would date girl like anyday of the year and if she can fell in love with me I would be happy to spend my entire with her, I hate the average girls who is full of arrogance and materialistic

  • If you want to be liked for your personality, you have to put the personality in the foreground.

    If you don't want to be considered as a bro or a sister, then don't be one ;)

    A little change of look could be good too. It doesn't have to be high heels, but seriously, sneakers and jeans are OK to move furniture.

  • I am going to give you honest advice. I am a nice guy and even I don't go for the nice girls. Its not on purpose its just what people are attracted to. You need to do a few things to change what they "think" you are like. First of all you may prefer jeans and sneakers but for a change go out and get dressed up and look as sexy as you can even if you don't think you look good. Get an honest guy friend to tell you what looks sexy. If your shy its OK, you don't have to do anything, let the guy do the talking and approaching you. Grab a drink, stand somewhere where you know guys will see you, by the bar, near an entrance, anything. Bring another female friend with you who is very bubbly and chatty. It will draw guys in and where there is one guy there is always his friend. Trust me, it works all the time.

  • find a guy who looks for girls like you. I don't know what you look like, but nowadays, peoples definition of "nice" is "not good-looking"

  • I didn't know it was possible to have a high "superego" and have low self-esteem at the same time.

    • It's actually very possible. lol I get guilty when I do something wrong, and when that happens, I end up feeling worse about myself, which means that my self-esteem goes even lower.

  • Maybe the guys your after are in the 8-10's looks wise. Many women these days are only into model looking guys. And a lot of gals way way overate how hawt they are. You just happen to come across guys that don't find you attractive. Work on that maybe


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