What is going on between us?

I like a guy and he is a very awesome person. Since I lie him, I asked him if he wanted to have lunch and all, and he agreed. Afterwards we started having random lunch days with each other, he sits next to me in class sometimes and all is good. However, when it comes to texting he only gives one word responses and the day after he goes like "I got your text, but [reason he didn't reply.]" I personally love textng,so this bothers me a bit. A I exaggerating or is this very weird that we doesn't text?


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  • No, it's not weird. A lot of people aren't into texting--esp. some guys. He might just prefer face to face contact. Try to be more around him...get to know him better.


What Girls Said 1

  • He might not liek you like that...or he just might not like texting. He's probably afraid he'll say something awkward over text. Also, if you noticed, you're the one who is mostly initiating plans. Maybe he isn't that forthcoming.