The not so date is coming up soon how should I go about it?

So recently I met this girl, we have hanged out a few times and I decided I wanted to ask her out. I thought the best way would be the way were if she said no I could get out of there before it got awkward. So I waited until the end of the night was putting some stuff away in my car and on the last piece I asked if she wanted to go out on a date with me to somewhere. She said as friends and I said alright and was on my way. I was going to let some time fill in but she asked me to hang out with her the next day. I did and we had another great time, we then planned the next day to hang out with each other a bit more and we did for 11 hours another great time. Well the not so date is coming up soon how should I go about it? I assumed just as if I was going with a friend and if something happens it happens.


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  • i agree Kao721, its best if you keep being friends with her, because great relationship are based on friendship. Don't worry about the date part, it takes time. maybe she likes you but she's holding back so that if it doesn't work out, it won't be awkward afterwards because you guys were friends before.


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  • YIKES! Probably the answer you least wanted besides the flat out no. Call me a cynic, but, I think you're reading into all the hanging out, way more than you should. This is the difference between guys and girls. Guys think that if a girl wants to hang out, she's interested. Girls care a lot more about friendship than anything. You're approaching this in the wrong way too, and it could weird her out. Your "not so date" coming up, you're worrying to much about. Seriously, don't treat it as anything different than you two just hanging out. Pick something fun and memorable, not something romantic.

    Overall, be patient! The very best relationships I have ever had, I was friends with the girls about 6 months before even dating!