How do I act when I meet her?

So I'm being introduced to this girl next week...its been called an informal introduction lol. We've never met/seen each other, but we're both interested in meeting (why not)? The question is, what do I do to introduce myself? Shake her hand? Ask "How are you?" What do you suggest to keep this from being awkward?


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What Girls Said 1

  • A simple wave follow by a smile and say hello, how are you.. Then carry on.

    Me personally, I would not give anyone a handshake. Unless, it's something important. (ie., interview, meeting parents..)

    Conversation are supposed to flow very easily and naturally. Silence is normal.


What Guys Said 1

  • I would start it by shaking her hand (or perhaps a hug if you actually do know her quite well), and just say "Hey -her name-, how are you today?" and then say something that comes to mind such as something that happened earlier that day, something big that happened, or a random thought. You want to seem confident and not too nervous. Just be yourself, you should be fine.