Why does he keep texting me if he doesn't want to see me?

He texts randomly during the week telling me what he's doing or just saying Good Morning...We only been on a few dates in the past 3 months...Last one, 3 weeks ago. If he doesn't want to get together on a regular basis...Why does he keep "checking in"?


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  • This guy is what I call a TTW (Texting Time Waster). He has no problem sending you 800,000 text messages a day, but if you want to see him in person, he never seems to have any free time in his schedule. If you like an electronic pen pal, go for it; otherwise I would block him.

    • I like that...TTW. It's just silly. Fine being friends...so I guess I'll just continue to respond...just not so quickly though maybe. The texts have died down week by week...maybe 2 -3x. He knows I'm interested, so not throwing myself out there anymore. Do know he's not looking for a realtionship...so maybe that's why the pull back? Who knows...


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  • Maybe he has unlimited texts on his phone ?

    • hahaha...am sure he does...doesn't answer the question though...

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    • Oh...he knows. I made it clear would like to see him more ...not taking the bait. Kiss doesn't lie...I don't think so anyway. But, no, I have not asked him out in the past three weeks...mostly because I don't want to chase. I've put myself out there...he has not...

    • Oh I see then. Not so serious about you indeed. Well, time to try to find someone else then. Good luck :)

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  • He's still interested but dosen't want to commit to anything serious right now

    • Thanks...that's what I was hoping to hear. We are in different places...me...no kids, looking for relationship. Don't think he is. Ugh.

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    • I hear ya...trying to just move on. Not into playing games...feel like a back burner girl. Guess I won't find out what's he's thinking unless I ask...just not willing to do that. Feel like I have my answer just by the behavior. : ) It's too bad...

    • just keep looking many fish in the sea :0)