Should I keep on seeing him and take it slow?? Need help/advice!!

A friend of my best friend's boyfriend has liked me for a while, we kissed at a party and he told my best friend that he really liked me and that I'm an amazing girl etc.Anyway we've been texting for a while and he called me a few times too. Thing is he broke up with his ex a few months ago and isn't really ready for a relationship, which right now suits me as I don't feel ready to be really with someone at the moment. He wanted to meet up with me again two times in the past two weeks. He blew off his friend yesterday to come see me (and I live quite far away from him)

We have a lot of common interests and we both are really attracted to each other and getting to know each other. We have so much fun together, is it bad doing this even though we're both not ready for a relationship? Advice/tips appreciated


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  • Stick with him you both have a bright future together


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  • No it sounds to me like you are ready for a relationship so I say go for it or let him make the moves so he can go at his own pace

  • Is it bad that you're spending time together, getting to know each other and having fun together before you officially become a couple? No, of course not. In fact, that's what you SHOULD be doing.


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