This is my profile on a dating site, what do you think?

So this is my profile on a dating site, what do you think


Ok, so I haven't been using this site for a while now, I'm starting to hate internet because most of the time is just fantasy and virtual interaction, and I want instead reality. The reason I'm back here is because I badly need a girl. What I'm looking for is someone who wants just to cuddle and be gentle. I wish to meet a warm and fun person to go out with or spend a night in watching a movie. I need lots of touching and cuddling and hugging, touch is extremely important for me. I need to take things slowly and to get to know and enjoy my time with a nice person. I won't be checking constantly this site as a vow to stay out of internet, so bear with me if you contacted me and I took time to reply, and I do hope you wish to get in touch with me.


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  • I think the ad will get a very low response rate. Here is why:

    -- You mention that you haven't used the site for a while.

    -- You talk about hating the internet. (Never use the word "hate" in an online dating profile.)

    -- You mention that you "badly need a girl." I can't begin to tell you what a turn-off that sentence will be.

    -- Almost everybody enjoys affection; you don't need to go into details about that.

    -- You mention that you won't be going on the site all that often. Who will want to contact you in that case?

    -- There is hardly anything there that describes you as a person. What kind of person are you, besides a nice guy? What kinds of things do you enjoy doing? Why should a girl take the time to get to know you better?

    -- It sounds like English is not your first language, so depending on where you are, some people may have trouble understanding what you wrote.


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  • for girls side - I think you sounds a bit horny to me

    • horny or desperate? |Good or bad? I thought I was coming across as gay...

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