How can I tell if he's really interested (online dating)?

Ugh, LOL, so I am NOT good at this online dating stuff. First time on it and I'm not sure how to judge guys who are really looking for more than a one-nite stand. OK, so here's my story. I'm a divorced mom of 2 in her of the guys who I've been emailing back and forth is a couple years older than me, but never married and no kids (was engaged a while back but it didn't work out). We've only been emailing (no exchange of numbers yet, though we have talked in general about meeting up soon...but no official invite by him yet). Anyway, we have written a lot about ourselves and asked each other questions and really seem to have hit it off. Same interests, etc. We both find each other attractive (he said I was beautiful and he liked the positiveness of my profile, and that I seemed quirky). But the prob is, my friends who have been on the sites longer say he should have asked for my number by now...that he may end up just chatting me up for a long time and that's it? Huh? I don't get it? Does that happen? And they say, well, even if he is in his late 30s, he has no kids, and you have 2...he prob won't take you seriously in terms of being girlfriend material. I said, jeez it's been only a few days, can't I just enjoy getting to know one of the first normal, nice guys I've met online? Or do I need to be more wary of the sites? Any opinion on this? Can't a guy be attracted to me even if he doesn't have kids like I do? Or should I just respond to men who have kids as well? That seems silly, but I dunno. by the way, he def knows I have kids...he even said he hoped I had a Happy Mother's Day. He's a really nice guy.


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  • Some guys move slower than others. If you're e-mailing back and forth for more than about a week, you might have to give him a nudge and see if he's willing to meet in person. If you can't get him to commit to a specific day/time, cut him loose. You don't want to waste your time on an internet pen pal.


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  • yeah he should ask for your phone number soon, because you can't tell sh*t until you meet in person. if I online dated I would not want to pursue it if we went more than a week without exchanging numbers.