Will he eventually ask me about my past boyfriends?

I'm in a relationship with a new guy and I've never been with anyone before him. I don't' want to tell him this because it's embarrassing seeing as I'm 20 and just now in my first relationship. I'm hoping he'll just skip over asking me about my "Exes" because it's not important right?


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  • He may and he may not. It'll depend on how bad he wants to know. A lot of guys won't ask about exes, we learn about each others' exes because they usually come up in conversation from time to time just story telling about the past. I know about a couple of my fiance's exes, he knows about a couple of mine. We've never gone there with the 'what's your number' thing. I don't want to know and I don't think he does either. If he does ask, you being in your first relationship is not a bad thing.


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  • If he is a sensitive guy he will know that it is intrusive to ask you this question in the beginning of the relationship. And yes, it is not important.

  • He probably won't ask about your ex's. He may however, ask if you been with anyone

  • No your exes are not too important. It's not something I'd bring up personally because it doesn't matter too much to me. She's with me now so that's what I'm focused on. But then again I wouldn't care if she hadn't been with anybody prior to me either so maybe I'm just more understanding than others. I don't know that it'll come up because I don't think many guys are really too interested in hearing about other men who have been with their girl.


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