I won't kiss the guy I like, because I think he likes someone else, and nobody gets that?

When I say nobody I mean, my male friend (his friend also) and my crush. I never get really flirty with him and if he wants me to make a move or something I say no. He's always talking about this chick he has a connection with and so on. I'm always around when he talks about it, and I get annoyed and jealous (don't let it show though). We still talk and hang out I just don't try anything with him. I don't want to fall really hard for some guy, and him going out with some other girl.

He sent me a text about him forgiving my rejection of his love (I do it all the time) and sometimes not. He confuses me so much, when he flirts with me, but talks about this chick he's so into. It pisses me off, I like him, but I want to choke him sometimes. If you're interested in someone else or not into me like that leave me the fck alone or stop flirting.

He's not a player, but why is he doing this to me?


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  • Aw, kiss 'em all, kiss 'em all, the long, the short, and the tall...! God will sort them out.


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  • I get it. Yes, you're right, of course, but boys will be boys. It's better to step back. Let go of the feelings you have for him, and forget him. If you see him all the time it's very difficult to literally forget him, but when you see him or are around him, mentally take a big step back and consider him off limits. This will allow you to keep your sights open for a person who is actually willing to be with you, and not this tease...

  • Maybe he's talking about her to make you jealous?