I'm just about to give up on dating?

one guy I dated who kept raving about me and expressed strong feelings but a few months. We haven't talked in a while.I texted him today and he's now getting married next weekend!

I was seeing this other guy. Things were going well I was really starting to like him. He told me he liked me. There was definitely chemistry and I hadn't felt that way about a guy in years. Other guys were becoming less attractive. Later when we stopped being exclusive I kissed a couple of guys and still there was no spark like there was with him. But when I said good bye it was that quick. The only thing that was sentimental was the kiss he gave me before I left. He also said he had a great time with me and it was fun. I still kinda miss him and at the same time I'm mad at him.

This other guy I saw this semester ended up being a gurk. He told me he liked me and had a crush on me for years. But didn't tell me because he had dated some of my sorority sisters. We went on one date and had a blast. I thought I might be leaving campus forever and told him that I wanted to say good bye before I left. He promised to say goodbye. But of course never did. I texted him to hangout a few times. He said it was because he wanted more than just fooling around. I'm a virgin so I told him he'd have to be my boyfriend before we would have sex. he said he didn't understand. I wasn't expecting him to be my boyfriend, but I thought he was at least a friend. I deleted his number and form Facebook. Did he just want sex? I thought we were at least friends.


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  • I feel for you. It sucks to have multiple guys (in my case, girls of course), to fall for only to have something special and exciting blow up in your face.

    To answer your question, yes, all he wanted is sex. He's one of the male shovenistic pigs that make the rest of us look bad. By the way you described, it seems he jumped through the hoops to be your friend just to the point where he could get you to sleep with him. Thankfully, you're a rare girl and you didn't give in.

    Like you, I've had several disapointing experiences, some of which are completely laughable. Also like you, I've turned down the ones who wanted nothing but sex.

    I'd tell you not to give up but I know it doesn't help lol. That nice dude is out there for you somewhere. Keep your values and good luck.


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  • It sounds like it. I think you should allow the relationship to develop a little more next time to see if he is worth it before considering sex.

  • maybe he wanted to be FWB.

    sounds like you were too quick to delete his number and all that just cause he didn't want to be your boyfriend.

    sounds more like you were the one that betrayed the friendship.

    • he didn't come see me when I told him that I may never see him again

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    • so if I might not ever seem him again he should come to see me, even a friend would do that. If he's not even a friend why do I even need him in my life?

    • ok good point.

  • No, he just doesn't want to have to deal with the vcard issue. There is a point you can only go through that so many times...


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  • yeah I think he just wanted no strings sex.