Is it normal she didn't say anything?

Me and this girl, we've been friends for a while and I started to like her and I told her, she said she was a bit confused but that she really liked me, that I was someone special in her life although she never accepted any of my invitations to grab a cup of coffee, she kept making excuses, after I insisted she finally said she was afraid to find out more about her interest in me. I'm tired of waiting so I unfriended on Facebook and dialed her number to forget all about her. My friends keep telling me she's an attention seeker. After I unfriended her on Facebook she didn't even called me... what do you guys think? I did the right thing? What about her not saying anything back?


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  • She did the right thing by not going with you, you know why, because you're not mature enough. She didn't accept you invitations, but you kept insisting that she go with you, what does the poor girl have to do, spell it out for you. You put your "friend" in tough spot, then you couldn't handle her decision so you acted like a preteen. She was very clear in what she wanted(or didn't want), but you ignored it and ended the friendship, her response(not responding) was the right response.

    • First of all my invitations were very far apart, second she kept flirting with me, going until a certain point than pulling back. And she kept bringing the subject up about us going out, in fact she even texted me on two separate ocasions about meeting her that day for a coffee but 30minutes later she would text me back saying "something came up".

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    • Well it's a very long story, but she knew about my feelings and kept looking for me, texting me, etc. leading me on... What I mean is; it's easier to say to a person "I only like you as a friend" or giving clear signs instead of flirting...

    • Don't second geuss yourself, if someone toys with your emotions, then they don't value you as a person the way that you deserve to be. Move on, there's plenty of girls that want waste your time.


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  • she probably either wanted to take it really slow, wasint interested but liked you as a freind, or didint like you at all... but either way if you werent into waiting around for her then what you did is probably good (for you) like me, she may have a fear of commitment, in which case she would make excuses to avoid going out with you for no reason...even if she did liek you so perhaps for you she not worth it


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  • You did the right thing, it's just not worth the hassle. I don't think she really cares about you, she was probably lonely or whatever when she said she liked you. And maybe she'll call you in like three months when that mood hits her again. Stay away unless you see that she's really changed.