Girls, if texting a guy do you answers all his questions?

I asked this girl a question, I asked if she slept with a stuffed animal.she answered me . I was wondering if girls didn't like a guy would you answer his questions? Sinse she did answer me I would think it means she likes me right?


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  • Well it depends on the kind of questions the guy is asking.

    • She has answered all of the questions I have asked her. I feel as tho some women would feel conrontable answering the question.

    • Well every women is different. We are all comfortable with different things.


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  • I think you might be overthinking this... you asked her a question and she answered it. That really doesn't mean anything. She may or may not like you, but her answering your questions isn't really a good indicator.

    Instead, try paying attention to the way she talks to you in general. If she's friendly, or if it seems she's happy to talk to you, she probably likes you.

  • depends on the q's, how many he asks, how fast he asks them... for me I text anyone back quick.. it doesn't mean I like them or not.. it all depends how I answer it to show him if I'm interested.


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