I just don't get it.. I need some guys' opinions

so I stared talking to this guy last year and it would be just small talk here and there. than he graduated and I didn't see him at all.. but than he texted me about a month ago and we started hanging out. it seemed like he really liked me he paid for me put his arm around me. the next day he was even asked me to go out to the stores with him it was going really good. we hang out a few times at his house and watched movies and he was seriously the cutest guy ever, I never seen this side of him. but he started confusing me when he would stop texting me for a few days than text me again. I know he's busy with school and work but still. than my prom was coming up and I didn't want a date in the beginning but I decided to ask him as a friend, but he said he was really short notice and he was really sorry he couldn't help. I understood because I asked him 4 days before prom. but than he stopped talking to me after that, and I thought I freaked him out or something. than my friend who is friends with him told me that he said that I asked him to prom.. which I did but it seemed like he was acting like he was better than me ? and he told him that he didn't really like me ? I didn't understand it at all because of the way he was treating me. I don't know if he was just saying it too look cool or he really meant it. any advice ?!


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  • Maybe he's just a nice guy and took you as a friend

    Ask him straight up yourself

    Even if he's not year boyfriend you can have him as a friend he seems like a decent guy


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  • Maybe he really has been busy. Don't be so clingy or pushy as to expect him to text you every day, since he also has his own stuff to do. Give your friendship time to develop.