When I text her she doesn't text back

I met this girl online and we have been getting on very well, even some flirting and after a lot of conversations online she gave me her number and we have been texting and calling each other, she even asked to meet prior to the meeting date that we had organized, but when it came to that day she said she couldn't make it and when I text her since, I have got no reply is there a problem or am I just been strung along

Ok thanks for your valuable answers, the update is she is texting me but seems to have no interest in communicating as she did earlier, it seems like its a struggle to talk, I am beginning to think to move on, I really appreciate your opinions


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  • Life definitely can get busy, so it may just be that something has come up. And when it comes to something like this, it could be any number of things, honestly. A lot of people don't live by their phones (shocking I know!) but if it's been a few days since your date was cancelled she might be trying to let you down without having to face it! Which is a cop-out and I am sorry if this is the case.. Because it takes 10-seconds to text someone and let them know what is going on, especially if you have an understanding or mutual feelings for each other. So hopefully it's not the latter and here's to getting a call or text from her soon!


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  • well it depends on when this happened as in how long ago? sometimes things come up like family emergencies. how many times have you tried texting her since you last heard from her?

  • Ik I don't text back because I'm busy or just Sony have my phone or it's off kol


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