Which girl?

i really like this guy and he is having problems choosing between to girls which one would you chose

a - curvy, 36 d-dd, long straight dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, friendly, shy, innocent, trustworthy, loyal, 5'2, funny, playful, dense

b - short dark wavy hair, green eyes, overweight, loud, short patience, 40 b, 5'8, playful, witty, smart, feisty

  • I pick A
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  • I pick B
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  • well, who are you? A or B?

    A sounds like a dumb beauty, while B sounds like a fat angry nerd.


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What Guys Said 3

  • hard to say because girl A obviously looks better and has a friendlier personality but she is missing the single most important quality in a girl to me: intelligence.

    girl B has it and is witty, playful, and feisty which are all obviously attractive qualities but honestly the fact that she has short patience may mean drama down the line.

    just a guess but here's how things would go:

    I'd choose B over A but we'd only date for a couple months before some drama went down thanks to her short patience and obnoxious personality that would make me regret my choice.

    A sounds like someone I want to like, I really do, but the fact that she's dense is an absolute deal breaker for me. Can't date someone dumb.

  • A just sounds cute especially because of the long hair, the large boobs, the curvyness, the good personality traits, the height. I mean to me its a no brainer. I hope I didn't offend you. I hope this helps.

  • Me personally I'd go for the looks and than the personality but the question is is dose that guy you like, if he liked you would he like you for your looks or your personality. different guys like different features in women he might not like A features but like B or vice versa he might like A's but not B's

    that would be up to that guy that you really like

    me Personally I like the sound of B seems like a hot babe


What Girls Said 2

  • ummm...this is a very biased poll. sorry...

  • I hope he chose B... A sounds real boring.