Why do some women act so ridiculous?

Okay so I am reading this person I knew in high school Facebook status about her going out on a date with some guy. This has nothing to do with me, and I haven't even seen this person since high school, but somehow as a guy I find it offensive! From what I gather from the various sub comments is that he tried kissing her on the cheek at the end of the date but she didn't like that, so now she's posting all over Facebook that she was "gropped" by said guy and today is the worst day of her life? And all her friends are telling her to call the police? like wtf. seriously.

Like should I be scared to make any sort of a move on a girl on a date in fear the same thing will happen to me? And it's not even like we're talking about teenage girl here, this person is in their mid 20s?

Why do some women behave like this? or is it just a small insecure part of the population? Or is this something I need to be highly aware of when going out on dates with women?

Yes, I totally get there can be more to it than what's being posted on Facebook, but as its worded right now, it seems a little over the top.


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  • well wasn't there obviously but if she is saying he was trying to kiss her on her cheek she may be over reacting but then again he might have been forceful about it. You never know, she may have had something happen to her recently that triggered that reaction. Sometimes women feel that men come on to strongly and feel violated if the force themselves on them when they have said no.

    Would just suggest coming in slowly for a kiss and not being rough or grabbing her unless you have a go signal like she's all over you and I'm sure she would let you know if she doesn't not want to kiss you or do much more. sooooooooo yeah. lol.


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  • Well yeah, do you know for SURE that all that happened was a cheek kiss?

    If that's really the case, sometimes people do things just to get attention, but honestly, it's usually pretty easy to spot crazy because you go out on a date with crazy. I don't know anyone who would do that, so I think it's safe to say that you don't need to worry about it :P You can make sure it doesn't happen by not doing anything physical that you're not sure she'd be okay with. Like the first girl said, go slow.

  • She could be over dramatic or there could be more to the story. Maybe she's had an incident before and is more weary or anxious of certain behavior. Women are crazy, some more than others, but usually you can tell who they are.


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  • She may be a neurotic mess. Plenty of men and women out there who are. Although Yes I do see more women who are illogical/neurotic then I do men. If you are on FB your going to find plenty of status that project every thought and idea of a persons mind, and yes sometimes its a little scary to say the least.