How often should I text?

I recently told a girl I liked her in a text message, we talked for a tad then I told her I would leave her alone for a while. She told me we should keep in contact and that I could text her anytime. What exactly does this mean in terms of intervals between text? Since it's summer should I act like I"m not desperate and text once every couple of weeks to see what's up or should I text sooner?


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  • First of all; you should not have told her via text. That gives a rather bad base for starters. But anyways, that's not the topic here. Since she said you should keep in touch you should definitely contact her. And do it sooner than a couple of weeks later! If you don't contact her for a week, she'll probably think you lost all interest. It's then best to MEET her in person and chat with her face to face. If you HAVE to use your phone to keep in touch, don't text, call her. I'd let maybe 2 days pass, then call her. Good Luck :)

    • Well I told her via phone because it is summer and we don't live in the same town anymore. I thought she already knew I liked her but apparently she didn't heh.


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  • if "we should text" once a day if not every other day is personally what I would expect, but only text her once and if she doesn't reply just wait for her to reply

  • if she saying we keep in touch she probably want you to call her don't text to much girls they get annoying of guys text them to much I did but just call her let her know how she is doing. If she doesn't pick up wait her shell call you back.


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