What's with the friend card?

There have been girls who I've been interested in and they show signs of being interested, them outta the blue you try to initiate a date or something like that and they say your nice but they just want to be friends. Does that bother anyone else when this happens or am I the only one?


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  • which signs have they been showing? I'm the type of girl who likes to have guyfriends and my guyfriends have had crushes on me, while my crushes havn't been interested. I think it's because I treat them like any other friend, We text, chat, give hugs and hang out and smile and laugh a lot. Sometimes it sends the wrong message and as a guy it's hard to understand. Maybe these girls feel the same way? the best thing to do is to be direct right away.


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  • Some of the girls may be interested but you may have waited to long and they might have moved on. Other girls may just be friendly in general and you could have read the signs wrong. Either that or they are just major flirts, some girls don't even realize they are flirting. Its weird but true. So It doesn't happen to just you. I know a lot of guys that this has happened to.


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  • You probably took way too long to do anything or weren't aggressive enough.