Am I thinking about this incorrectly?

I met this girl a little over a month ago that I like a lot. We've been texting pretty much all day for weeks now and we've been going through the "getting to know you" phase for a while. We haven't actually gone on a date or anything yet because of being somewhat long distance but she goes to school near where I live and will go to school next year.

Now that I graduated and am home we've agreed we want to see each other in person. Of course the strange circumstances around our situation have made this process pretty slow so far, but I think we got to know each other really well in the process. She has made it clear to me that she wasn't really looking to date but when she met me things have just gone naturally and she's just seeing where things go. She has however told her friends about me so she seems to be into me.

I'm probably over-thinking things, but to me this means she is comfortable with this being somewhat slow. I believe she likes me, but is just hesitant to jump into things. If she didn't like me she wouldn't want to meet me right?

I know I haven't given that much information, and the information I gave is sort of all over the place, but I guess the main thing I was wondering is do you think that me going about things slowly is the right thing to do considering the fact that she said she just wants to go with the flow? Am I screwing up by not being more aggressive?


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  • just keep things at the right pase. no your not screwing nothing up! she is just picky & hard to get .. go along with the flow & do things she likes to do.. tell her how you really feel about her.. take her shopping do things that make us woman happy! treat her like your queen don't over do it though.. try not texting or calling her for a week.. show that you have a somewhat life and if she dosen't hit you up.. something is terribly wrong lol!


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  • It is good to keep things at a slow pace, however it is not good to go tooo slow. If you go too slow she might get bored quickly, and get tired of texting you all the time. I don't think you should wait to long before going on a date with her.

    Good Luck! :)


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  • I would just let things take its course. Don't try to push anything too fast but also be there with her and continue to show interest in the woman. Don't feel like you have to rush to put a title on it yet since she wants to go slow. I would say keep doing what you are doing and you'll be fine.