Girls make no sense!

I texted this girl last night asking her how her trip was going, she responded within a half hour, and sounded excited to talk to me because she used lots of ! with her greeting. She then asks me how I am doing, so I tell her what's going on. No reply back and it is the next morning? WTF? What is going on here? :/


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  • she either fell asleep, forgot to text you, didn't get the text, or opened it without realizing it so it doesn't show that she got a message, or got busy. It happens all the time.

    Don't get mad over this. She'll text you back eventually and if she doesn't she's probably not that into you. A girl who is interested in a guy will text back or send a new text. If you want you can send her one in a joke like "what happen? fall asleep on me last night? haha" something light and fun that won't make her feel like your angry at her for not texting back because that's just stupid. or forget you texted her and just start a new conversation.

    • She stays up late lol... If she wasn't into me, why would she respond in the first place? Let alone ask me a question that required a response from me. :(

    • to make conversation and she probably likes you as a FRIEND. sorry to be harsh, but I do this sometimes to my guy friends and it's just because I don't feel like responding to them because I'm either tired or more interested in something else. I'll ask a question and completely forget or not answer. If she really liked you as more than a friend or thought about you in that way more than once, and didn't have a problem with her phone or some deadly accident, she would have texted you back by now.


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  • Well you don't want to annoy her.. I know its confusing but you should just gig fit some time so she still gets excited when you text her in a day or two

  • Okay don't freak out! Some girls just don't like texting a lot! Don't worry and give it a few days then text here again to check up! :) just don't worry.

    • What if she forgets about my message? I didn't really ask any more questions but it seems should would at least comment back when she asks how I'm doing?

  • well you mentioned she was on a trip... usually your mind doesn't think about texting all the time when your on a trip...maybe she lost her phone. don't get so hyped up about it. It means nothing. Its just texting... and texting can get annoying.


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