Was this a joke? is she playing me? or does she actually have a boyfriend?

So somehow her new "boyfriend" sent me a message saying that I should stop talking to her or else he is going to kick my ass? I though that was weird because that came out of nowhere and also because I know her phone has a password and well if this was true I though I would hear something from her. Anyhow what do you think? What is happening?


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  • Well, if he actually is her boyfriend, she may have told him that she's been talking to other guys before they became official. Not that this doesn't make him a jealous prick, but it doesn't mean he's necessarily been creeping in her phone.

    I'd recommend not contacting her for the moment. If she's unaware that this guy has sent a message and if he's not her boyfriend, most likely she'll text or message you as if it is business as usual. Then, you can ask her about Jealous Johnny.

    The best bet may be to ask her the next time you run into her in person.


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  • We can't tell you the answer to its authenticity. All I do know is you should probably stop talking to her.

  • Whether it's a joke or not, stop talking to her. Either she has a boyfriend, or she's seriously immature and doesn't mind hurting you (since she hasn't even owned up to it yet).

  • maybe she so desnt realize he got in her phone? email her or something

    • it has a password!

    • doesn't mean he doesn't know it lol he may know it and be hiding the fact so he can check it

    • yeah you can easily just look at someone while their putting the password in, and memorize it.

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