Am I choosing the wrong girls, or what is my problem

My last 2 meaningful relationships ended pretty much the same way. They got engaged to the other guys. I have an ambition to move overseas or to a place where there are more opportunities then here and to make it big. And thus didn't buy a car for myself and a flat. But what seemed to me they were interested in was a vehicle. I don't wanna say that I don't want to have family in the future or "stability". With the last breakup was really tough cause I really did fall for that girl. Do I make bad choices, or what am I missing?


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  • They are not for you. Move on, don't cry for them because their stories in your life have ended. Actually, it was neither they were bad to you nor there is something wrong with you... its only the "time" you need to wait until you find your other half. Your ambition to move overseas or grab other opportunities sound great idea. live your life to the fullest :)


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  • No, it's just not the right time. You will be with the person you're suppose to be with because you will end up with them and you will be happy. Just be patient, and as I always tell everyone, concentrate on being the best you and making yourself happy and everything will fall into place.


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  • Sounds like you're dating girls who want to get married, and you aren't settled.