Meeting someone off the Internet?

So planning to meet someone off the Internet soon. Just not sure what we could do? That wouldn't really create awkward situations? Lol people who have met others through the Internet, how did things go? What did you do? Talk about?


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  • You meet somewhere where your friends could be present, distant but in touch if necessary.

    This could serve food & drink, perhaps move around and talk w/o yelling .. some diversions to take pressure off shy moments.


What Girls Said 1

  • I did once- It wasn't completely awkward because we had mutual friends and proof neither of us were psychopathic paedophiles or anything like that :L When I was in town waiting for him to show up, I'll admit I was scared as hell. It was slightly awkward since the guy was really quiet and shy, so I ended up just blabbering on about anything and everything :P But overall it was alright, I think its just getting conversation started that's the tricky thing.

    Go to a very public place like town and have some food together or something :P That's worked for me :)