Is it normal for a guy to use a lot of tongue?

I was hanging out with a guy at his place watching movies and we started making out (we've made out before and I know he likes me-we've been talking for 5 months). He was really getting into it and I always pushed him away and he respected it, he knew I wasn't going to have sex with him that night yet he wanted to try anyways.

It got late and he told me I could stay over and that nothing would happen he just didn't want me driving home so late. So I did and we cuddled all night. We made out a few times but we were both so tired he just spooned me all night and went to sleep. He was very sweet and always held my hand, or rubbed my stomach, and kissed my back, or played with my hair. Occasionally he would put his hand on my thigh (probably was trying to see if I was awake and would have sex with him).

I've only kissed him so I was wondering if it was normal that he used a lot of tongue. We would be making out then we wouldn't be kissing only running our tongues across each others and in our mouths for 5-10 minutes. We would start really getting into kissing each other then he would slow it down with only using tongues but it was more passionate. It wasn't really "kissing" just using tongues, not even our mouths. He only did this that night and maybe one other time a different day. I'm very very inexperienced and like I said have only kissed him so is this normal? Was he being "romantic" or just trying to go further?


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  • Yes that is normal.


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  • i can't tell you if he was trying to get anything more but that's totally normal to use a lot of tongue.. one time me and a guy used tongue every time we kissed that night... it's totally normal :)