If a guy likes you will he forget to text you back?

If a guy likes you will he forget to text you back? Even if he shows all of the other signs of liking you?


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  • everyone forgets sometimes. but if he never answers or you are the only one sending messages I would lay off it.


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  • No, but he'll purposely make you think he forgot so you think about him more and more. It's a trick women teach men to do very quickly in dating. The less attention we give you, the more you want us.

  • I forget to text girls back sometimes even though I like them. I would say its not often though, I'd have to be pretty damn busy to forget I was in the middle of a conversation. Then again, when I really like a girl I'm more likely to call than to text, but I don't think that's as common today as it was 4 or 5 years ago.

    • We've only been texting for 4 days and the second time I texted him it took him 2 days to reply (I think, my phone was dead all day on Sunday).

  • depends how old he is. I don't own a cell so I would be talking through MSN or something but if I did I would call and talk with my voice..

    • He's 16

    • well if you two have started text conversations before I'm sure he might text you but if you just traded numbers he might be waiting for you to text him first. like I said though I'm a bit older so I don't know much about the social interactions when it comes to texting I would just call a girl after 2-3 days depending on how well we knew each other.

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  • I'm sure he'll text u! I know it's frustrating! This guy texted me at noon and still no reply... Lol