Should I back off or should I continue on texting her like usual?

There is this girl that I do really like. I was introduced to her by her cousin and her cousins boyfriend, both of which are good friends of mine. I have gone to see her even though I have driven 2 and a half hours since during the summers she goes home to work and during the college year she is at the same college as me. I have called her sexy and she seems to love it. I have texted her almost every day talking about anything and everything since she does not like receiving phone calls from anyone. She recently is not as talkative as she was before and I have asked if she would like me to come and visit. She keeps saying maybe we will get to hang out. She does work a lot and so do I so the main question is, should I back off or should I continue on texting her like usual?


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  • She might be seeing the texting EVERY day as pushy. Maybe back off a little, but still text her regulary: maybe once every 3-4 days. Don't do it religiously, do it casually. :)