How do you tell a girl you want more from a kiss?

No tongue

Just the kiss. I'm the first guy she's kissed and she's the first girl for me to. so I'm worried to sound like I'm asking her to kiss better when I could be be a bad one to. But she really makes me worried some times. Its like she doesn't put any passion in to its like she's afraid to kiss me passionately.

We've been kissing since December.

I need to talk to her about it. How is the best way to start?


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  • As Imea78 said, just practice.

    I used to be awful and I had never kissed anyone. I was so shy. But my boyfriend at the time taught me, he would say "try this" etc.

    Plus.. you've got to want to do it. Maybe you should say something like "are you OK with this?" Simply, off the cuff, and she shouldn't fly off the handle from that. Whatever you do do not say she's not passionate because likelihood is, if she's trying you've just majorly insulted her and called her frigid.


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  • You try kissing her a bit different, see if she follows, if she doesn't just tell her that she seems a bit tense when kissing, to just relax and let her lips go with the flow, same advice for you, just relax and let your lips do the kissing, don't think about it so much. Good luck :)

  • Wait till she feels more comfortable with the whole kissing thing she will warm up if you tell her you want more then she may feel pressured and that will have a bad outcome so wait till she's ready :-)

  • Everything you need to practice, I was a bad kisser when I started, lol, but with time and practice you can learn and improve! Just tell her to try more, that you like the way she kisses so you don't make her feel bad.


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