Should I ask her out?

I'm currently living in Europe until July 10th and I like one of my friends. Since we only have a little over a month left is it worth asking her out or should I just forget it?

She is from Canada and I'm from the U.S.


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  • If you're into the long distance relationship thing, then Id say go for it but if you're the type that can't stand not seeing his girlfriend for more than a week, then don't even bother. It will just be a waste, but I think you should remain friends.

    • I have never had a girl friend so I don't know what I'm like. The way I see it this is one of the reasons Skype was created to help with long distance relationships.

    • Im in a long distance relationship and every time I see my guy on Skype I want him more and more... do what your heart tells you to do or in this case your head.

    • Thanks I have to think this over.


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  • Yes, if you really like her then take this opportunity to ask her out and maybe it can prosper into a great thing!

  • If your both willing to put your effort into a ldr go for it.


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  • Personally, I wouldn't.

    Reason is I wouldn't want to get too attached to some girl who lives far away.

    However, if you don't think you will get attached, then go ahead.

    • Its not that far away like I said I'm from the states and she lives in Canada. Its not like she's from another continent.

    • That's still long distance bro.