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so there's this new guy in my grade named ty, and we chat after school while we're waiting for our rides to come pick us up. my friends are now like "omg you want him!/ he wants you!" and stuff like that. he's really cute, and we're always joking with each other, but I'm not ready for a relationship. & there's another guy named tom who I literally always catch looking at me. he's cute too, and we chat a lil, but we're not as close as me and ty are. why does tom keep staring at me? they're quick stares like when he sees me looking back he'll look away. I sorta want a relationship, so if I choose one of them then that'll be the one that I'll focus on ya know? but I don't know which one to choose.


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  • It seems like it's just a decision you have to make for yourself. You haven't provided pros and cons of either guy and you even say yourself that you barely know them. So hold off a bit until you get to know them, you can still date someone without getting into a "relationship" per se. The quick stare look away thing is kinda a flirting thing almost.


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  • First you say your not ready for a relationship...then towards the end of statement, you say you sorta want a relationship. Your a confused person. And to choose a person on looks and not what their about is what's wrong with this world. SMH

  • tom seems either shy or creepy

    i have a good looking friend who sounds exactly like that

    anyway ty sounds like the better guy but you know them better than me I think go out of your way to talk to ty and talk to tom also can't go wrong

  • Wow, so you're basing who to choose just off of looks? Good thing your next relationship won't last more than a couple months...


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