Why won't he communicate with me?

This guy and I went on a date a few weeks ago. I finally texted him so that we could talk about it. It was like pulling teeth trying to get him to talk! On the date, we barely talked (although it was a movie date). And then when I texted him, he wasn't really saying much. So, I told him that the date felt awkward because we barely talked. He said he didn't feel awkward at all. He hasn't texted me since. He's been pursuing me for over a year, I finally went on a date with him and now he's acting weird.


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  • Been in a teeth pulling situation before. Believe me... you can try and try and try AND TRY to get him to talk, but it won't work. Walk away NOW before your heart gets anymore invested in this. I wish someone had told me that before I got too far into my old situation.

    • Was he a "player" type?

    • Oh no, he was a player. Just had issues trusting (I think). Refused to open up to me. Drove me insane. Then I found someone who has zero problem talking to me. It's been heaven.

    • Oops, I miss typed that last comment. I meant to saw he WASN'T a player. Nothing of the sort.


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  • Girl I feel you I'm dealing with the same situation right now. I'm ignoring him just like he's ignoring me. Now he does little sh*t on Facebook to make me jealous.

  • well, I don't know, maybe he's distant in communication because he doesn't feel so strongly about you:/

  • Some guys have a hard rime opening up and some guys are just...boring lol