What's your first kiss story?

A lot of people have them, I know I do. What's yours?


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  • we were standing on a balcony and the guy was telling me how special he thought I was and ask me to be his girlfriend , and then it just happened. He was so happy telling me that I made his day ,but I couldn't think of anything to say. And when I eventually could say something my first words were : "But I didn't have any lipgloss on" hahah such a loser it was really cute though.


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  • i went to a local skating rink and I was the innocent kid who skated really good. but did not talk to anyone..one day I was not looking and plowed a girl over and I stopped and picked her up and sat in the middle of the floor talking and then all of a sudden she reached over and kissed me.. and honestly I thought she was trying to pull my teeth out with her tongue.. but after that.. it was like a drug.. I kissed every girl I could get close to.. then I got mono and learned my lesson


What Girls Said 1

  • I was at the movies with him. I live in the town where a lot of people Dip. But I didn't know he was chewin at the moment. He leaned in to kiss me and I got this awful taste in my mouth. I had tobacco pieces all in my mouth when we pulled away and I accidentally swallowed some. So...I threw up. Worst Kiss Ever.