Friendly (platonic) cares and romantical (out of love) cares. The differences.

Guys, how would you treat a girl (your girl pal), a friend that you really care about? And how would you treat a girl whom you love?

Kinda confused here. don't know why this certain newbie would've stand up for me in front all of my classmates who hated me (because one of them is telling bullsh*ts about me), he's the only one who wouldn't laugh when others would, been telling me to change my attitude, and he pays attention toward me, he also told me that he seeks information about me from our friends. He told his friends about me, and things that I'd do for him. But he told me (and my classmates) that he doesn't like me. He's known as a heartbreaker, he never dated before, he flirts with a girl, ask them out on a date, have a serious conversation with them but always ending things up with those girls on purpose. So what do you think? He also told me once that his presence means nothing to me, because he just seen how close I am with my best friend (a very handsome boy, lots of girls like him) for 15 years. He also told me that I never really love him every time I told him that I'm tired and I wanna move on. So confused.


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  • I'm with katylaura.

    I think there's only one KIND of love, and that is the same between romantic interests and friends. It's just a matter of DEGREE, not KIND.

    Sexual interest plays a huge part, but that said, I've had many female friends that I've been sexually interested in, who were either unavailable or just not interested in me. That said, I love them all and am not afraid to show it.

    Bottom line, if he's not making sexual or romantic advances with you, just leave it be. If he is, you need to decide what you want and have a conversation with him about it.


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  • for me, the only difference between a very good female friend and someone I actually fancy if the sexual element of the conversation. I would show that both the same amount of "care", but for the latter there would be the extra dimension of sexual attraction.

  • If he's a heart breaker, then let him break someone else's heart.

  • To answer the first question:

    When you want to help someone and when they say no you're like "Whatever..."

    When you want to help someone and they say and it hurts cause you really wanna be there for them


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