Hmm, what is that about ?

This guy ( K ) used to text me all the time, texted me goodmorning and throughout the day. then 3 weeks ago he just stopped. I called an texted him once; neither of he replied to. Then 2 days ago he texted me saying wassup with a smiley face. What the f*** ?



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  • Maybe he wanted to see if yo uwould reply back to his last message. It sounds like he is playign games. Guys play games like that sometimes. Where they text a girl then stop for a while then text again. I don't think you did anything wrong. It was all his fahlt. He should had texted you in a timely manner.

    • Thanks but I can't tell if your being sarcastic or serious about the last part


    • Your very welcome. I'm being very serious about the last part. I think it's messed up and rude when people don't respond in a timely manner to a text. It only takes seconds to text something real quick. I know everybody is busy. It's the principle and the respect part about it. If I text a girl I would at least expect her to text me back sometime during the day. If it takes more then a couple of days or a week then I know she is probably playing games with me.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the best answer.


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  • ...

    There are approximately two-hundred fifty-six thousand seven-hundred and thirty-two, raised to the six hundred and thirty-ninth power possible reasons as to why he didn't text you for three whole weeks...

    If you want to know some of those possible reasons... I don't always respond to texts. Sometimes I forget my phone at home. Sometimes I lose my phone. Sometimes I don't hear it go off. Sometimes I run out of minutes and can't afford to text back. That's 4 reasons down that might apply to him. Hope it's a good enough start for you.

  • I'm having a simmilar issue with a girl I've been chatting with. we were talking like every 2nd day online and one day a week ago she stops sending me messages. sense I don't know her in real life I get worried that something might have happened or maybe I said something to piss her off.

  • people reply when they want to.

    As Hardapplecider said, you have a lot of possibilities to sort through lol.

    Good luck with that, I'd rather just ask someone lmao..or not worry about it.


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