Guys: How would you react if a girl unexpectedly kissed you?

In movies it comes across that guys wouldn't mind an attractive girl to kiss them out of nowhere. I'm wondering how much truth is there in this?

Also, the girl isn't unattractive. She could be average and cute enough. And you don't know her really well (she's not a good friend), but you've talked to her enough times that you feel relatively comfortable around her. Oh, and I'm not talking like she comes in and sucks your face off, but gives you a sweet kiss on the lips. How would you react?


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  • I think it'd be really sweet,


    I wouldn't want it co be COMPLETELY out of the blue.

    Like I wouldn't want to be in the middle of a conversation about politics and she just lays on on me mid-sentence, like one of those "stop talking" kisses.

    It would roll a lot more smoothly if she had some way of conveying the tension, prior to releasing it.

    An awkward silence is probably the best time you can do that.


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  • It always nice to get a kiss, but usually when that kind of kiss happens its because of alcohol. But seriously I think it would be a bit of a shock. If he likes the girl then he will automatically kiss her back, right away, but if they were just friends it would take a bit to set in.

  • well I guess it depends on who I would be hanging out with at the time. if I was just with a couple friends and she kissed me and they didn't notice, I guess that would be fine. if I was with a crapload of friends I would probably be a little embarassed

  • Just kiss him already


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