Is there a subtle way to get him to reply faster?

My boyfriend and I are texting a lot because he's gone for a month, and he sometimes takes one min to reply but most of the time its like 10-20 mins.. and there are some days where it takes him hours at a time.

is there a subtle, playful way I can hint that I want him to reply faster?


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  • No. Whatever way you say it, it's going to come across as nagging and needy.

    I'd keep quiet, if I were you, and just accept the fact that he's not a girl, and he's not going to treat messaging like he's a girl.


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  • I have some friends and family members that are like this. But what I realized was all of them kept their phone on mute. Just out of curiosity do you know he does keep his phone on mute most the time?

  • Who cares how long it takes him to respond. At least he does


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