Guy with a girlfriend is hitting on me

I met this guy in one of my classes and he asked me if I wanted to get a drinks, he later tells me that he lives with his girlfriend and about what a psycho she is. Since then he's been messaging me nonstop, he flirts with me all the time and tells me how pretty he thinks I am. He hasn't made any moves and he wants to get drinks again and makes jokes about how he wants to get me drunk (which seems really shady to me). I'm a little concerned he's a player, he doesn't seem like one since he's so nice but I'm wondering, is he just trying to hook up with me or does he genuinely like me?

I want to amend the previous question, I'm not so much concerned with whether or not he likes me but rather if he's just trying to get in my pants or it's harmless flirting.


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  • There isn't any way for us to know if he actually likes you or not... just like there's no way for you to know if his girlfriend is actually crazy or not.

    In any of these 2 choose 2 scenarios from above, I'd recommend making it clear that you will not get with him until he actually splits up with his girlfriend. Living with her is no excuse for cheating when he should be leaving the relationship.


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  • he's a bad dude that doesn't play by the rules. A loose canon ready to blow xD


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  • Pretty sure your a back up girl. If sh*t goes down with the girlfriend he's dissatisfied with he's got nothing to lose.