Awesome connection to ignored in a week! A 180 flip

A week ago I met this hot guy at a bar. He asked me to dance, we did for a while. We got talking and came to find out that we had many similar life experiences. Like I'm talking specific, losing our mothers at 18 to intense sh*t/ cancer/heart. Anyway, comes back to my place. Talk all night until 6amand then leaves at like 11am- he's a cool, sexy dork. We like the same things, movies, life except he doesn't want to travel. First 'con' for me .. Then chat here and there through bbm. later that same week, he comes and meets me again at another bar. I ignore him at first and well don't pay much attention. When I finally do, he's all over me so sweet! Then all of sudden starts flirting with my friend. I get mad and his response is " I'm not your boyfriend" I say "well duh, but don't flirt with MY girls. Gest heated a bit of yelling... I think alcohol aided that.. so not too worried. Anyway we get close fast and I start liking him, as much as I think he liked me, then when I think, okay this guy is something... he flips and is completely ignoring me!? Like did he lose interest? Does he think Because I am currently in a complicated relationship, that its best if he acts like a jerk to me, it will make things easier or simpler? We have so much in common, he liked me so much and was so flirtatious. Now what to do. I really want to see him again.

OKAY just to add a bit more information, we've seen each other a lot over a week and half. However the last 3 days I have heard nothing from him. I said sorry. But I really didn't do anything. The fight wasn't actually a fight. We still had 'fun' after and he was telling me really intimate desires and it was all good. The next day talking all day long and he was sweet then when he said he'd meet me downtown when I got there, he said, he was with his ex
That same night, I saw him out and I was like oh hey I thought you were with your ex.

Then I remember, " f*** you, why are you here?" To which I replied, what do you mean, I said I was going out downtown?" Then he left. I was drunk so I don't remember everything.


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  • You were playing games by ignoring him... You lost control of your emotions and got jealous when he talked to your friends... You tried to overplay your relationship with him (clingy/controlling). You yelled at him and picked a fight (drama queen)... After all of this stuff did you apologize and try to talk things over?

    • Yes I tried. He kissed my friends hand, weird I know and so I just told him to stop. Then he started yelling at me saying he wasn't my boyfriend. I know and that's fine, just don't flirt with my friends, that's il mannered. I did, he has yet to respond


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  • God! you are messed up... :p just leave this guy... Neways, you've to learn someway or the other, how to control jealousy and how not to react to it if it comes... you made yourself look dumb out there... sorry and ya, you even making yourslef fall down in your own eyes by still thinking about him...

  • bastard is playing games, I doubt if he lied to you about what he likes, his story, and what he doesn't likes... He seems a total sh*thead... not fit for a girl like you... who trusts other people quite easily...

  • You sound like a heap of un-dateable.


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  • Why would you be going after someone if you're in a relationship, complicated or not? Maybe he wants you to sort your sh*t out before pursuing something romantic with you or maybe he just sees you as a friend, it's hard to tell without being there. He shouldn't have to rescue you from your own drama you should be able to do it yourself, it's not fair to put that on someone you just met, he's being smart about the situation. I don't know what you're dealing with at the moment or what you've gone through in the past but you need to be the one to do something about, can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves. I hope you do get through what ever it is that you are going through though. Good luck.

  • He is not looking for relationship girl. He is playing the field and he is looking for sex with no attachment from anyone you or your friends. Lets him go and he is not worst the trouble.

    • Wow that's hush coming from him. I don't know why he would cussed you out unless he thought you were stalking him or he was drunk like you. Sound like he doesn't like that much. Did you have sex with him? I would just leave him alone period.

  • He's manipulating you and playing with your feelings. He is playing the hot and cold game to keep you on your toes.

    • but why? what made him go from all over me, into me to ignoring me 100%?