Texting him first, when is it okay?!

Okay so we've been texting for about a week now. We go to the same school however were both home for Summer. He texts me first most of the time & told me we'll see what happens in the fall :) Is it dumb to send him cute messages while he's at work or the gym or anything? Or does that push guys away? Thanks! :) oh.. and also if you think its okay to text him then any suggestions?!


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  • No believe me if he is really into and their is a connection texting him cute things to let him know you are thinking of him and miss him will make him happy. You will not push him away unless your asking him where he is what he is doing and being very needy.. Just be lay Hey I hope your having a great day or whatever and wait for him to respond.


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  • sending cute messages often makes you look clingy. don't do it unless you are actually his girlfriend, and a week isn't a long time.