Ladies/Guys I need help its breaking my brain!

Ive been chatting with this girl you know we talked about things about her bout me I say nice things to her and all we hung out once we had allot of fun, However she messages every few days saying "heeey.".. However when I say lets hang her response is always soon? And like you know she says she wants to get to know me and I her but like she Always says the same sh!t "soon", But she goes out all the time to these party's like with the dj's halls on weekends and hangs with her friends all the time ans all she can say is "soon" Like f*** I don't want to wait for this girl no more man even though she is so dam attractive its over f'n whelming no lies! but I don't think its worth it! should I wait? or f*** it move on maybe she's still confused ? trying to figure out what guy she wants be with I don't F'N KNOW man I think I am thinking to much... I am virgo she is cancer

I am 17 she is 16


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  • By soon, she probably means when do you want to hang out. Set a date, time and location. See how she responses to that.


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  • "Soon" as in she's about to break up with her boyfriend? Or her best friend likes you and she can't go out? I'd say you need to go out and be a bit too busy for her games. Let her texts go unanswered a couple days then say "Sorry, I was out doing xyz. Did you need something?" That way you're not just a text toy she can play with when she needs an ego boost. (Which, I'm sorry to say, kind of sounds like what she's doing.)

    • Holy f*** I did not think of that! She messages me and I always say nice things not to flatter her but because I mean it! truly But yeah she always says soon so I guess just totally ignore her for a week and see how it goes

  • Give her a date, place and time.


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