Why he asked me if am I having a great time after we broke?

He wanted to leave me with the most cliche words, and he left.

and today he text me "i just wanted to know that you are having great time, I don't mind if you don't answer to me"

does he want to be with me again? and if he wants, how should I text him back?


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  • to me it just sounds like he's caring you but not wanting you back

    • my ex left messages like that twice on Facebook but he never replymy reply and its been 4 months now since we broke up


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  • he sounds like he wants you back but the question is do you wanna be with a guy that is that dumb?...sounds to me like he did the old ditch grab but it didn't work out...as in he dumped you to go with someone else but she didn't want him...so he's crawling back to you hoping you will forgive him...my advice...tell him to fock off you need to find a real man...i'm free tonight if you want a date lmao JK.

    • I want him back :/ could you just tell me what should I wrote to him? it has been a 7 days since he left. :(

    • my real advice to you is move on, you want someone who wants to be with you!. this dude sounds like a ass. I know it seems unrealistic right now but someone will find you that rocks your world...and this man will never leave you. never disrespect you or mistreat you. he will do anything for you...and you'll toss him in the friend zone like every other women.then years will go by you'll have a sh*t ton of jerk's come and go...then you'll relize. that guy you put in the friend zone loves you.

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  • Sounds like he is playing games. Move on.