Why do men likes to go online dating?

why do men likes to go online dating (or any sites that pertain to flirting) while they're still in a relationship?


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  • Not all men do hun.

    The answer should be straight forward here. If he's going to online dating sites he wants to see what other fish are out there, for whatever reasons. I suppose it's possible that the reason is innocent curiosity, but chances are if he's going to other online dating sites he's actually looking to keep his options open.

    I've known men that have done this due to wanting out of their current relationship (so they do it as a means of reassuring themselves that there ARE other people out there before cutting ties with their current mate). I've also known a man that did it as a reaction to his girlfriend cheating (he was probably looking to cheat on her...)

    The only time I've been on an online dating site while dating was to delete my account as it was still sending letters to my inbox.


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  • Guys don't just do this sort of thing out of habit, or spite. A guy who's perfectly comfortable in his current relationship isn't going to go to online dating sites - for sure, any guy, at any time or position in his life is going to look at PORN - but dating sites? No.

    There's some sorta issue with your relationship, from his perspective. How new is this relationship?

  • Not sure why but I would assume it is better then them actually going on a date with a person

  • SOME guys may do this, but not all.

    They may think it's just harmless "window shopping", seeing how people on the market compare to the one they're with. Probably not the most sensitive thing anyone can do but guys aren't the only ones guilty of it.


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