Am I being played or is he starting to have feelings for me?

basically I had sex with a friend last year, we have been speaking ever since we were out the other night, we didn't really speak due to everyone knowing what went on, anyway he was a bit weird with me, but when we all went home he text me asking me if I was OK? I think he also thinks I went out just for him, which I didn't! I just need some advice is he playing me or ? prior to this he was texting me the night before saying how much he wanted something to happen but when it comes down to it he doesn't make the move ? confused


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  • If he doesn't make the move then he could be afraid. Seems perfectly normal for him to ask if you were OK after a night of not speaking. Although normal is assuming that you're comfortable with him not being open about it either.

    • he seems to get shy now whenever we are all together, he was asking if I was OK cos I was in a horrible mood due to other reasons and he did try and cheer me up, but I bit his head off, so I was surprised he text asking if I was ok

    • Well if he still asked even after you bit his head off, then he does genuinely care about you at least. I know if a girl I was just playing bit my head off while trying to cheer her up, all bets are off.

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  • If he wanted something like sex then no he juest wants to mess around, if he means like more then he won't make you jump into sex.