Why Don't Guys Answer Text Messages?

My Ex And I Are Close And We Message Each Other Quite Regularly But If I Say There's Something I Want To Ask He Doesn't Message Back. Why Don't Guys Text Back? What Can I Say For Him To Message Back?


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  • I'd give him at least part of the day then, and this is going out on a limb because I don't know what he said. I'd text him and say wht you said hurt but I want to know if what you said was true bcuse I whis to find out what you did'nt like or what I could improv on.

    • Ok. Thank You For Your Help :-)

    • ur very welcome good luck with him and may you be happy you sound like you deserve it , have a nice day. lol it's like 6 a.m. here

    • Lol, Thank You. It's 11am Here Lol


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  • just text the question then if he doesn't reply than text and say are you awake.

    • I Tried Texting The Question But He Didn't Reply. It's 10.15 am Over Here And He Gets Up Early. I Don't Know Whether To Wait And Text Later Or Tomorrow Or Should I Text Him Again?

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    • i'm sorry why do you have to wait till he gets money? he asked you to call than it should be OK for you to call. I would think.

    • I Don't Want To Annoy Him But I Suppose I Haven't Spoke To Him Since Monday. Thanks

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  • Waiting for you to ask? Fell asleep waiting... ?

  • I found the same thing. Even if you send a few texts to each other and he all of a sudden stops writing back. If you figure out a way please pet me know :-)

    • I Get Impatient And Keep Asking Him To Text Back, I Don't Know If That's A Good Idea? Have You Tried That? If Yes Has It Worked? I Will Let You Know If I Figure It Out Lol :-)