How often do/should you see your partner?

we've been going out for a year and we're both quite busy with college/jobs etc

sometimes I see him once a week, sometimes I see him once every two weeks, sometimes I see him four times a week.

which one sound more healthy?

how often do you see your boyfriend/girlfriend?


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  • often as you'd like. There are no rules. When I started dating my husband, we were inseparable. 15 years later, we're still all up in each others' grill. We just like each other that much.

    We talk all day, hang out all day, work together all day. We are straight up 69ers...(all up in each others as*ses. But that's how we are, each others' best friend.)

    This won't work for everyone so you have to find your own normal. What makes a relationship healthy is not really about the amount of time you spend together, but how you feel in each others' company. As long as he makes you feel like you're number one whenever you get together, then it's all good.


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  • I think that there is no rule on how often you need to see your BF, we all have an schedule we need to follow such as work school and sometimes both, that if your able to work together and spend time when ever your both available ITS GREAT!.

  • It doesn't really matter how often or less often, as long as you both are happy and convenient with the arrangement. But don't make it less often for a gap, to be filled up by another girl.

  • Currenlty I see my boyfriend ever weekend but that's going to change to like once a week. As long as you guys are happy I would say any amount of time is healthy.