Mother's or Mine? Plz Help!

ok so my mom has been looking for guys for me to get settled with and stuff, (not necessarily get married, but just looking). One of my really close friend's mother met me in a casual meeting and liked me (asked my mom if she's looking for guys for me or not yet). The family is really nice and stuff, BUT there's someone I'm interested in, he's a friend of mine but we never got to spend so much time before as we both lost contact 1 or 2 years ago. Now, there might be a chance that we can get together once or twice and also get to know each other this way. I had a pretty bad experience last year, where I met a guy, dated for 8 months, our families met and all, but he ended it because he simply lost interest in me (I know, Weird!) Since then, my mom does not trust me in this situation and thinks my heart might break again if I liked someone again sometime in life, so she told me that she'll be choosing a guy this time to make sure he's the right one. I mean she's not wrong to be scared for this but that does not mean that All guys can turn out to be bad right, I mean everyone's different, you just gotta explore the world and see who fits if you won't go thru certain ppl, how will you be able to find out who is what right. I'm not saying she's wrong but I'm kinda trapped between this. What should I do, let my mother decide for me, if not, then how do I take her mind off this and take my time with the guy I like and see how it goes? Or should I just give my choices and let her decide for me?


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  • Tell her you want a photo and a 5 page application from her prospects before you meet them. Don't waste your time meeting strange guys your mom wants for you. You have your own tastes and likes.


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  • Wow, I would never let my mom choose my boyfriends. I mean, sure, you're going to get your heart broken a few times, but that's just part of growing up. You honestly need to go through a lot of that pain (and pleasure) in order to learn about yourself, and boys, and love, so that someday you will be ready to find a great guy and settle down.

    Unless you're dating drug addicts or other men who are completely inappropriate for you, there's no reason for your mother to step in and hijack your love life. You can humor her by meeting the men she likes for you, but remember that this is YOUR life and you are the one who ultimately needs to be making the decisions.